These are designs I created for my Etsy Shop. The story behind my Etsy Shop is that I love making memories at the places I visit. Growing up in Colorado I would often spend my weekends in the mountains and on adventures with my parents. As I grew older I made my own adventures. I found myself at various locations in the world. When I visit a new place I look a moment of wonder. I sit in the moment and either draw a picture, take a picture or write about it in my journal. Every place I go I look for beauty and joy I can carry with me. Naturally, I wanted to share my experiences with others, but also take the memories with me wherever I went. That is how I began converting these memories into illustrations and stickers.

They are designed to "stick" with me wherever I go. Since they are waterproof/weatherproof they have a lot of durability. I hope you also enjoy the glimpses of beauty I captured in life.

This is the first sticker I ever made. It made this because I love space. One of my favorite moments about camping is when the sun has gone down and night has come. When you look up a whole other world is there. So many little stars are above in the night sky. All I could ever say is wow!
There is a reason I chose a sunset for this overlook. I think Colorado and California have the best sunsets to offer. I think that is why we care called Colorful Colorado. That being said I love each states sunsets, but Colorado's is near and dear to my heart. Come visit and you will be amazed too!
The story behind this sticker is a memory and a dream. In high school I always wanted to be a world traveler, exploring new places and living life on the go. In the memory and dream was to own a VW bus and go on these adventures. This vehicle will always have a place in my heart. Now I think I would want a sprinter van more than a VW bus.
This sticker might be one of the most important sticker to me when weighing its meaning. The first time I went an saw Yosemite National Park and went to the lookout was also the first time I met my wife's parents. I went to the place she called home and got to see what shaped her. This lookout is a beautiful moment for a lot of people and a natural wonder.
This is another memory that is enjoyable for me. I am not sure why but SF has always been a place I wanted to visit when younger. It is such a unique city. This is a sticker to remember all the awesome thinks about SF. Hopefully I can visit again and have a photo shoot session there as well!
This is for all my gaming friends! For all those might have had games with them on their adventures. Nintendo and their hand-held console have been a staple for me as a gamer. I took my Pokemon with me everywhere I went. Hence the yellow Gameboy for Pikachu! Game Over is a memory for two reasons. One it is a sweet memory of virtual adventures. Second whenever I lost and got a game over screen I remembered to look up and look at the beauty around.
Another space theme illustration. This memory, better yet moment, happens in my life a lot when routine become too mundane. I feel trapped or overwhelmed and find I need space from the routine and need a little adventure. I feel this happens to me a lot in the winter when snow is more frequent. I need space is to commit to memory the idea of living a little and find the wonder!
This is a recognition of all the beautiful coffee shops I have been able to work in during my adventures. Thank you for being such a calm place. A place to do homework. A place to smell beautiful aromas. A place I where I got to visit my wife when she was a barista.
Summer 2019 and Summer 2020 have been packed full of adventures! I love getting out and seeing the mountains. Since moving back to Colorado in 2018 photography mountain trips have become a new tradition for me. I love being able to explore and get lost without have any real end destination. That is why I created this sticker. It does not matter when you end up, did you enjoy your journey there?
As you might have noticed I love nature. Take a journey in the mountains as race the sun as it goes up or down the mountain. Either has been beautiful to see the sun kissed mountains glow and the shadows shrink or grow. Take the Bear Ridge Mountains with you anywhere, Perhaps you might find the bear in plain sight.
I bet you can not guess why this is called camp fish. I remember many fishing trips with my father. They were the best despite being bored when I was younger. Looking back now fishing taught me the most about being in the moment. Being in the moments to see the beauty ultimately takes patience. It takes sitting and watching. With repetition the prize might come or it might not. Beauty is never guaranteed, but desires to be sought after anyway.
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