Broomfield Senior Shoot | Layla
Boulder Senior Shoot | Lauren
Denver Senior Shoot | Jenn
For many seniors, this is their first professional photo shoot – a unique opportunity to showcase their individuality, passions, and dreams. My goal is to make this experience as enjoyable and comfortable as possible, turning it into a celebration worthy of the achievements and next stage in life!

Featured Sessions:
Mountain Magic: Capturing the awe-inspiring beauty of the Rockies with golden hour lighting.
Urban Chic: A trendy shoot amidst the vibrant murals and architecture of downtown Denver.
Nature’s Embrace: Photos set in the lush greenery of Colorado’s picturesque parks and gardens.

Boulder Senior Shoot | Luca
Boulder Senior Shoot | Megan
Denver Senior Shoot | Raelee
Denver Senior Shoot | Belle
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Celebrate your senior year with a professional photo session that highlights your accomplishments and individuality. Let’s create beautiful, lasting memories together. Contact me to book your session or to learn more about the sessions.
Explore the magic of senior photography in Colorado and let’s capture your story in the most spectacular way!
University of Denver Senior Shoot | Segi
Boulder Senior Shoot | Diana
Red Rocks Senior Shoot | Scott
Downtown Denver Senior Shoot | Theresa
Colorado Sunflower Senior Shoot | Taryn
Denver Senior Shoot | Bekah
Denver Senior Shoot | Sammy
Colorado Senior Shoot | Abigail
Downtown Denver Senior Shoot | Ellie
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